Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 30: Legion of Super-Heroes (vol.4) #28 (1992)

Today Chris (@acecomics) talks about something very near and dear to his... err, no, actually he talks about one of his intentional comic book "blind spots" in the Legion of Super-Heroes.  We also discuss the concept and currency of "information"... why we want it, how we get it... and how not having it might lead to unpleasant and embarrassing situations!

Do you have any intentional comic book "blind spots"?  Daunting families of titles you've long ignored rather than digging your heels in and learning about?  Let me know!

Original Discussion:
Musings and Mutterings of an Idiot Scribe:

HOT TAKE: Excerpts from the "Amazing Readers" Column in Amazing Heroes #105 (January 1, 1987)

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