Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 26: Resurrection Man #1's (1997/2011) #SuperBlogTeamUp

Who ever said there can only be one?  For today, we are ALL immortal.  Join your host, Chris (@acecomics) for stories of how hypochondria, an overactive imagination, and a tiny directionly-challenged bird made him recently question his own mortality... as well as an exercise in comparing and contrasting two takes on the weird DC Comics character, Resurrection Man!
Where else but during Super-Blog Team-Up: Immortal will you hear anyone talk about both versions of Resurrection Man?
All that, and details for my top secret Cheerios Diet... which, admittedly isn't too hard to crack the code on.  Remember, before starting any diet or exercise program to confer with an idiot who babbles into your ears for an hour and change on Wednesdays.

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