Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode #20: Justice League of America #224 (1984)

Hello Conventioneers!  This time out your paragon of curmudgeon-ing Chris (@acecomics) shares his experiences attending and even volunteering at various comic book conventions during his fandom-career.  From humble beginnings rifling through bins at the Sun-Vet Mall, to getting the opportunity to wear a Media badge, interviewing Kurt Busiek and having a picture taken with Dan Jurgens... it's a story of anxiety, agoraphobia, preciosity and heat-exhaustion. 
Also, we take a look at Justice League of America #224 (March, 1984) by the aforementioned Mr. Busiek - With an audio clip of my 2016 interview with him where we discuss this very issue!

Complete DC in the 80's Interview with Kurt Busiek:
HOT TAKE: The Letters Page of Justice League of America #227 (June, 1984), taking the temperature of folks who'd just read the issue we're looking at!

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