Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode #22: Superman #281 (1974) #VartoxWeek

Blessings and Riches, my friends... for today is a day like no other.  Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Vartox Week!
Today Chris (@acecomics) shares the story of how a hairy-chested mustachioed alien stranger saved his blog from terminal burn-out!  It's a discussion about the frustrations associated with the creation of content, getting into one's own head, and attempts at side-stepping writer's block.
All that and a Bronze-Age issue of Superman to boot!
Celebrate Vartox Week responsibly... and remember, this is the one week a year where we're all Valerians!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 21: 1st Issue Special #4 (1975) Lady Cop!

Greetings fellow comic-hunters!  Today Chris (@acecomics) will take you on a collector's journey when he shares the story of a white whale that had eluded him for over a decade!  It's the story of the hunt for... Lady Cop!
After giving the low-down on just what "1st Issue Special" was, and the very titled resonated with a man who grew up during the comics speculator craze, he prescribes his own Curmudgeonly Collect-mandments... which might just (though, hopefully won't) ruffle a feather or two.  It's the story of a babbling Luddite... you won't wanna miss it!
Oh yeah, we also actually read the thing... and, learn all about inner-city crime, first-aid, venereal disease, and answer the question of: What's stronger, a live grenade... or a garbage can?

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode #20: Justice League of America #224 (1984)

Hello Conventioneers!  This time out your paragon of curmudgeon-ing Chris (@acecomics) shares his experiences attending and even volunteering at various comic book conventions during his fandom-career.  From humble beginnings rifling through bins at the Sun-Vet Mall, to getting the opportunity to wear a Media badge, interviewing Kurt Busiek and having a picture taken with Dan Jurgens... it's a story of anxiety, agoraphobia, preciosity and heat-exhaustion. 
Also, we take a look at Justice League of America #224 (March, 1984) by the aforementioned Mr. Busiek - With an audio clip of my 2016 interview with him where we discuss this very issue!

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode #19: Flashpoint #1 (2011)

Greetings Fellow Butterfly-Effect Victims!
Today we're going to take a look at the first-issue of the Universe-Altering DC Comics event, Flashpoint... without too much complaining about what came afterwards!  This book hit the stands on the very day the direction of my own life was unexpectedly and profoundly altered... for the better... and you'll hear probably wayyy too much about that once you hit PLAY!  (Please hit PLAY anyway).

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 18: Brightest Day #0 (2010)

It's a New Day... Yes it is!
Join Chris (@acecomics) for the return of the Chris is on Infinite Earths program when he discusses the book that launched the crossovent that finally made him take notice of DC Comics after an extended bout of unemployment... Brightest Day #0!  He'll also tell you far more than you'd ever care to know about how that bout of unemployment began!  I, er... Heapologizes for that ahead of time.

From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast, Episode 1 - October, 1991

Welcome, Friends!  We are beyond x-cited to start this new adventure!  Welcome to  FROM CLAREMONT TO CLAREMONT: AN X-MEN PODCAST , where...