Thursday, October 25, 2018

Young Animal "Gatherum", Episode 12 - MILK WARS!

Welcome to Milk Wars... hope you (and we) survive the experience!
A little forewarning... you're usually even-keeled hosts, Reggie (@reggiereggie) and Chris (@acecomics) did not enjoy this event... and they're going to spend the next two hours tellin' ya alllllllll about it.  Join them as the Young Animal imprint undergoes an unnecessary, unearned, and nonsensical... reboot?!  Well, in fairness, they were in existence for an entire year!  Oh yeah... Colorful language warning.

These discussions originally aired in segment form on the following episodes of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast:
Episode 161 (02.04.2018) - Justice League of America/Doom Patrol #1
Episode 162 (02.11.2018) - Mother Panic/Batman  #1
Episode 163 (02.18.2018) - Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman #1
Episode 164 (02.25.2018) - Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing#1
Episode 165 (03.04.2018) - Doom Patrol/Justice League of America #1

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