Thursday, October 11, 2018

Young Animal "Gatherum", Episode 10

It's so hard to say goodbye... and that's exactly what we do during this episode.  Two of our Young Animal pals draw to their conclusion this time around.  Carry on, Cave... See ya, Shade.  It's not a "forever farewell", however... because there's something called "Milk Wars" on the horizon.
In addition to sayin' ciao... we actually have a full line up!  That almost never happens!

These discussions originally aired as segments on the following episodes of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast:
Episode 138 (08.27.2017) - Mother Panic #10
Episode 140 (09.10.2017) - Doom Patrol (vol.6) #8 & Shade the Changing Girl#12
Episode 142 (09.24.2017) - Bug! The Adventure of Forager #4 & Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #12

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