Thursday, October 18, 2018

Young Animal Gatherum, Episode 11

Get out yer brooms, dangerous humans... for today we're clearing the decks!
In this strange(r than usual) installment, Chris (@acecomics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) will be wrapping up the entire first season of DC's Young Animal in preparation for, next week's.................... Milk Wars.  Also included a little bonus feature... Mister Miracle 101 (pre-King/Gerads).

These discussions originally aired as segments on the following episode of the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast
Episode 143 (10.01.2017) - Mother Panic #11
Episode 147 (10.29.2017) - Mother Panic #12
Episode 150 (11.19.2017) - Bug! The Adventure of Forager #5
Episode 154 (12.17.2017) - Bug! The Adventure of Forager #6
Episode 151 (11.26.2017) - Doom Patrol (vol.6) #9
Episode 160 (01.28.2018) - Doom Patrol (vol.6) #10
Episode 136 (08.13.2017) - BONUS: Mister Miracle 101

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