Sunday, September 9, 2018

Cosmic Treadmill ep. 106 - Captain N: The Game Master #1 (1990) + A History of Valiant Comics!

Ready player one: start! In this episode, gamers Chris (@AceComics) and Reggie (@reggiereggie) dive into the weird world of Videoland when they read Captain N: The Game Master #1, published in 1990 by Valiant Comics! After a brief look at the history of video games and Nintendo, our Italian plumbers read all four stories in the issue, providing creator biographies whenever it "seems" applicable. After a short break, the guys return to provide an exhaustive history of Valiant, thanks to exhaustive research by Ryan McLelland, and talk about some of Nintendo's less popular innovations. It's more fun than you can shake a joystick at, and you won't even need to put your quarters up!

Read Ryan McLelland's full article about Valiant at 2 Guys 1 Review DOT Com

Read the rest of Randy Studdard's treatise at Nintendo Player DOT Com

BREAK: Intro to Captain N: The Game Master (NBC, 1989)

Some footage from Phillips CD-i game Legend of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

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